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  Jinan Xindeshitong Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in research, development, production and sale of granite precision measuring tools and mechanical components. The company is located in Gaoxin Development Area, Shanghe County, in the northern suburb of Jinan City, and only 30 kilometers away from Jinan International Airport. It has a 4,000-square-meter factory, fixed assets of RMB 2 million, a staff number of more than 90 including 20 senior technicians with more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing of granite products, advanced granite precision measuring tool production and inspection equipment and a computer data processing system. With strong technology and talent strength, it has become a professional production enterprise of granite precision measuring tools and mechanical components in China.

  The main products of the company include granite flat plates, leveling ruler, angle squares, square rulers, V-shaped blocks, parallel rulers, high-precision air-floating guide rails and mechanical components of precision instruments including operating platforms and guide rails. It is capable of undertaking special-shaped processing such as drilling, slotting and inlaying of metal pieces on operating platforms. The company strictly carries out GB/T 20428- 2006 granite flat plate standards and JJG117-2005 flat plate national metrology verification regulation during product production and inspection, and can provide granite measuring tools and granite mechanical components which are produced according to different national standards as well as host assembling and debugging service for domestic and overseas customers.

  Its products enjoy quite high reputation in international and domestic markets by virtue of its scientific rigorous management system, advanced production equipment and reliable quality management system. The company, under the tenet of “Survive by Quality, Develop by Credit”, wholeheartedly welcomes customers to contact us.

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