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Ultra-precision air bearing rail
Ultra-precision air bearing rail
Data: 2018-08-28 14:21

  ★Using the ultra-precision air-floating guide rails produced by our company is mainly used in the field of high-precision measuring instruments, optical testing instruments, precision/super-precision opto-mechatronics equipment, precision/super-precision machine tools, etc. It is a precision/super-precision instrument. Key components for high-precision linear motion guidance and positioning in manufacturing equipment.

  ★Specifications and working characteristics Air-floating guide rails have been series (see table below), the effective stroke is from 50mm to 3000mm, the cross-sectional dimensions are mainly 90mm×90mm, 100mm×90mm, 150mm×120mm,  150mm×140mm, 180mm×160mm, 200mm ×150mm, 250mm×200mm, etc.; this series of air-floating guide rails has excellent linear motion accuracy and good rigidity, and the linear motion error is less than 0.03μm~0.1μm/50mm, 0.05μm~0.2μm/100mm. Special needs can be designed separately.

  ★Structural Features Ultra-precision air-floating guide rails are mainly made of granite, metal or ceramic, equipped with precision guide rail base, air floatation sleeve and high clean air purifier. Adopting a number of patented patent technologies for high-precision,  high-rigidity structural design, gas lubrication and support parameter design, the guide rail has the characteristics of high precision, high rigidity and high load bearing; and the working state of the guide rail is stable, under motion and positioning conditions. There is no gas turbulent vibration, howling, noise and high frequency microvibration.

  ★ Control characteristics There are two types of drive and no drive, and drive configuration according to their needs.

  ★The conditions of use are suitable for laboratory and workshop environment; voltage: 220 or 380V AC voltage, 50Hz; gas source: 0.4MPa filtered dry air; temperature: 20°C±5°C; humidity: < 60%; others: avoid acid and alkali Corrosive gases are etched.



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