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Aerotech high-speed rotary table is expected to replace the traditional positioning axis
Aerotech high-speed rotary table is expected to replace the traditional positioning axis
Data: 2018-08-28 14:20

  Aerotech recently announced a thin high-speed rotary table called the ADRH 100, which is suitable for a wide range of motion control and high-performance servo drive applications and is expected to replace the traditional positioning axis solution.

  The ADRH 100 has a maximum speed of 2,500 rpm and a basic angular resolution of 3.6  arc seconds. The product is based on servo motor direct drive technology and adopts gearless design, which fundamentally eliminates the empty return caused by the gap. In addition, the built-in high-precision encoder is also directly coupled, which ensures the bandwidth and stiffness of the servo system.

  The product's mechanical bearing system inherits the design of the highest-end model in the current Aerotech rotary table product line to ensure low height while minimizing bounce and rocking.

  The ADRH 100 has a synchronous motion error of 2 microns, an asynchronous motion error of 4 microns, a tilt error of only 15 arc seconds, an overall height of approximately 55 mm, and an upper surface diameter of less than 105 mm. Products are targeted at high-precision bi-directional speed/position control, high-speed profiling, and fast angular positioning applications such as disk drive testing, precision wafer inspection, and high-speed imaging.

  Compared to conventional gear or belt-driven servo spindle positioning solutions, the ADRH 100 rotary table provides superior acceleration and positioning stability, as well as an extended operating life.

  Aerotech also offers customized services for the ADRH 100. The OEM version of the ADRH 100 will further adjust and optimize cable layout, installation and other features based on the customer's final product structure to better meet customer needs and compress volume. .

  In addition, with the support of Aerotech's existing A3200 digital automation platform, ADRH 100 users will also find more convenience, which will shorten the time to market. The A3200 Digital Automation Platform is a PC-based, software-based device control system that integrates motion control, human machine interface, PLC and vision control modules. With the standard Firewire communication network, distributed control architecture and deterministic position, speed and time commands, the A3200 can achieve up to 32 axes of high-speed motion control.


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