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Description of the air bearing rail
Description of the air bearing rail
Data: 2018-08-28 14:19

  As a part of the moving machine, the air-floating guide rail is usually combined with servo drive and sensor to form a closed-loop system to achieve high precision and high resolution of displacement. It provides customers  with high rigidity, high torsional rigidity and high load-bearing rectangular guide rails, which can provide fast customized service.

  Adopting the leading non-blocking design at home and abroad, it has been adjusted to the best condition before leaving the factory, no gas vibration, adapt to domestic

  Gas source, reliable and maintainable.

  The intermediate gauge material can be: 1) ceramic, 2) granite, 3) metal, 4) other materials, as needed

  The company's unique technology is: the bearing capacity and the guide rail stiffness are very good when the orifice is not easy to block.

  Uses: measuring machine Z and Y axis, space simulation, experimental measuring device, semiconductor equipment,  PCB equipment, lithography machine, combined XYZ workbench and micro-motion table, etc.

  Due to the high precision requirements of the air-floating guide rails, it is basically not feasible for the customer to directly assemble the workbench for long-stroke or combined use.

  suggestions below:

  1, small, short-stroke, and vertical use of the rectangular air-floating guide, customers can buy it directly, but pay attention to the installation of the datum. Can consult my company.

  2, long stroke and combined use,  it is recommended to order components or workbench directly to our company;

  3, from the supply situation, this product is basically customized production, our company can provide fast customization services.


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